2016 Peafowl Convention

The 2016 convention is coming up before you know it.  For those of you who attended last year you undoubtedly remember the Condos where you stayed.  Well hopefully you like your stay last year becuase this is where it will be hosted again this year.  A couple of notable changes though is that a bit more leasure time has been worked into the schedule, and there are plans to visit at least 3 different farms to get a look at how they do things.

You can plan on visiting the Rocking B-A-B farm, Phil Phillips farm, and The Bamboo Peacock farm.  If you missed out last year on a seaside vacation be sure to mark this one down in your calendar.


When: September 8-10 2016

Where: Fort Walton Beach, FL Okaloosa Island.

Facilities: Seaspray Condos


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